I have recently returned from my visit to South Africa and I have a great deal to share…


God’s Windowan original poem


I let lay my gentle treads along the soft gravel bed;

Each stride allowed my humble feet to kiss the ground below,

Not a murmur or breath could tear the air

But the curious ball of gold did cautiously appear.


Eruptions of burnt sienna, apricot and lemon danced amongst the clouds

The soft haze cleared

And the Earth stood still; yet my head rotated on its relentless axis.


Streams of aqua wept for the morning’s awakening,

But the silence could not be moved.

The valley beneath called for my weightless body;

The leaves, the stream,

They yearned to carry my awe further,

From the heavens above, to the rocks and rivers below.

My feet were rooted still.


My airless lungs were drained.

This moment was captured in time,

I saw it, I saw all of it.

It raised my frame, but I was no match for the prodigious picture-

The vast phenomenon engulfed my sacrificial figure.

And only then was my mind silenced.


Comment: As my regular readers are aware, I spent my half term in the beautiful and astonishing South Africa, on a cultural and educational visit with school. Words cannot describe how truly awe-inspiring the experience and the country itself were. Rather than writing a blog post this week, I wish to share with you a poem I’ve written about my visit, for I believe that an explanation would do my feelings, memories, the wonders and the landscape no justice. I feel extremely vulnerable sharing this personal work with my readers, but I hope you can appreciate my wish for you to vicariously experience just a small portion of my trip because, to reiterate, I truly cannot describe how phenomenal my experience was. I will most certainly never forget this once in a lifetime experience and I will definitely cherish this memory for the rest of eternity! Here are just a small handful of my favourite photographs from the trip: